Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Post

Just what I needed, a blog.

Actually, its primary role is to make it easier to comment on other peoples blogs, rather than provide me a soapbox. First "target" is Kitchen Table Math.

And so there is a bit of actual content:

Why "One Wheel Games"? Because I own the domain.

Why did I name my domain that? Because I can ride a unicycle, and I play games, and the juxtaposition was seemed appropriate at the time.

What kind of games? Primarily board games and computer games that aren't fast-twitch (especially not FPS).

Am in interested in anything else? Yes, my interests are myriad and eclectic, and at least some of them will eventually show up here. Language, science, soccer, computers, woodworking, fiction, math, webcomics, and more.

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